Our People



Lauren Cross

Lauren is the dreamer behind the scenes at B-WAP. With a communications degree from the University of Central Oklahoma, she excels at keeping goals on track and planning the future of the company. If she was given the opportunity, she would probably run the show from Kenya with her sponsor children by her side. Lauren is fiercely loyal and has a heart for those in need. In her free time you’ll find her teaching Zumba, playing with her dogs, or eating tacos with friends. In May, Lauren and her husband will be welcoming a new baby boy into the B-WAP family, and we are so excited to have a new baby model!

 Jayln Curtis

Jayln is full of passion and drive. It’s one of the things that makes her the perfect behind the scenes worker for B-WAP. The cause of B-WAP is what drives her to do her very best in everything she does. She has a good eye for styling and social media. In her free time you can find her spending time with children, or on dates with her sweet boyfriend.


Nate Cross

Nate is the logical thinker at B-WAP. He runs the show in all things shipping and logistics to make sure everyone’s orders arrive on time and in tip top shape. Nate is a Navy Corpsman Veteran in the process of becoming a full time P.A. He enjoys working at B-WAP with his wife Lauren, their dogs, and soon to be baby boy. In his free time you can find him playing video games or smoking meat.


AKA Poe-tato, Poe-blano, Poe-ser, Poe Dameron

Poe is the epitome of “going with the flow.” He likes to tear up toys and play with his big sister, Thea. He is usually calm and collected unless you're going through a drive-thru. Poe likes to have his belly scratched and will always stay by your side.   


AKA Princess Thea Penelope Louise Cross

Thea is the life of the party, but when it comes to nap time don't expect to share the covers. At the office, it's safe to assume she can be found flirting with the cute boys or digging through their trash cans for food.Thea will never turn down a good stick and will never leave a leaf un-crunched. She will never leave you unprotected.