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Christmas Gifts Anyone?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Holiday season is here and we couldn’t be more excited. Christmas is just around the corner and let's be real, we know you aren’t done shopping yet (sorry, Mom).  We decided to help you out and give you 10 reasons why giving a BWAP Backpack is your best option for all of your holiday gifting needs:


  1. They’re incredibly stylish. Anybody who is anybody is buying these bags.  For real.
  2. It is an opportunity to teach your kids that giving is just as fun as receiving by providing two backpacks to kids in need.
  3. Lifetime guarantee, people!
  4. Because who can afford an Apple watch?
  5. You will be supporting a give-back business model. (Hello? That’s the best kind.)
  6. You could put other presents inside of it!
  7. You know that picky uncle you never know what to buy for? Well now you’ve got the perfect gift for him! (If he says he doesn’t like it, ask him “Are you against giving to children in need?!” Guarantee he won’t say another word.)
  8. You don’t have to feed it or take it for a walk.
  9. The chance to help one of your poor college student friends. (We all have them.)
  10. It’s a great gift for all ages! (i.e. Every single person on your list)


Happy Holidays, fam. xoxo

  • Lauren Cross
  • BWAPChristmasGive BackGiving

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